The team SwipeTelecom works to their fullest to ensure that their readers receive the best articles every day. They motivate each other to deliver their best and work as one unit just for their reader. Meet our team.

Grace Johnson – Founder 

Grace Johnson began this venture when she was 28, and today at 33 she has become highly influential and respected in Silicon Valley due to the success of this venture.

She has shown the industry a new way in which a mutually beneficial platform can be established that not only does good for the industry but also for the end-user.

She believes that the manufacturers of these devices and technologies cannot survive in the long term without the support of the end-user and her platform is the answer for this. 

Victor Hall – Writer 

When he joined SwipeTelecom, Victor Hall was seen to be taking a huge risk in his career. Today, he proudly says at every interview that he goes that the supposed risk has paid off handsomely.

The kind of progress that he has made at this platform would not have been possible at any other start-up or venture or even at any giant tech company for that matter. 

He enjoys the freedom that he gets over here to build his own team and to groom it in his own style. He has appreciated how the founders allow him to run the content writing department with full autonomy.

He gets the last say in what gets published, how it gets published, and what is the direction in which the company will move in the future. The result has been wonderful, his dedication has helped him create the kind of standards at SwipeTelecom that other platforms might take decades to reach.