Stellantis Italian employees receive an average bonus of 1,400 euros

The Italian employees of the Stellantis group this month they will receive an average salary bonus of around 1,400 euros, substantially stable compared to what was paid last year. The bonus, equal to 6% of the reference salary, is linked to the production efficiency objectives set out in the specific collective labor agreement, signed in 2015 and renewed in 2019 before the merger between FCA and PSA.

Pomigliano and Verrone stand out. Calculated on the basis of the results achieved in 2021 in terms of efficiency recovery and implementation of World Class Manufacturing, and linked to specific indicators provided for in the contract, the bonus varies according to the performance achieved by each individual production plant. “The results of most of the Italian production plants are confirmed, among which once again Pomigliano and Verrone stand out, which for the seventh consecutive year have achieved excellence”, affirms the automotive group without providing further details.

Unions satisfied. The trade union organizations Fim, Uilm, Fismic, UglM and AqcfR, in a joint statement, speak of a result “in line with last year and therefore particularly appreciable if we consider the serious difficulties generated by the microchip supply crisis” and underline how all production units managed to achieve the award, albeit with some differences, even substantial ones. The auto sector reached an average of 6%, with Pomigliano and Verrone at 7.5%, almost all the other sites (Mirafiori, Cassino, Sevel, Pratola Serra, Cento, Melfi and so on) at 6% and Maserati di Modena at 4.5%. For the six component plants of the PCMA, the average was 5.1%, while at FCA Bank is at 6.83%. Therefore, the former FCA has reached 5.97%. The unions also recall that the premium benefits from a 10% tax reduction and can also be received, in whole or in part, in the form of welfare account.

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