Nissan Stop developing internal combustion engines for Europe

There Nissan decided to stop the development of internal combustion engines for Europe: the turning point was announced by the operations director Ashwani Gupta, thus confirming various press rumors that emerged in recent days following the presentation of the new joint projects of the Alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi and the relative acceleration given at electrification strategies.

Consequence of the Euro 7. Specifically, Gupta attributed the decision to the consequences determined by the entry into force, in 2025, of the Euro 7 legislation, in particular on the cost front: “We will not develop combustion engines in the European market, because with Euro 7 we believe that the customer will have to pay much more for an internal combustion car than an electrified one, ”explained the executive, during the conference call with analysts on the quarterly results. “It is not us who decide, it is the customer who will say that the electric car has more value than a traditional car. This is why we will no longer make internal combustion engines for Europe after Euro 7”.

Only in Europe. In any case, the farewell to the development of new traditional engines will not affect other important markets, such as the United States or Japan. “We have customers and markets that aspire to different types of engines and we have to follow them because in the end we exist to serve customers”, explained Gupta again, citing two models in particular: the Nissan Z, available with the VR 30 biturbo, and the new X-Trail, which in the United States will be equipped with a 1.5 liter variable compression biturbo. “So we will not stop our internal combustion engines in markets where there is a customer”, the manager pointed out.

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