Italian market The year starts in red: -19.7% in January

Asians. Among the eastern manufacturers, the Toyota group registers 7,871 vehicles and declines by 12.9%: the namesake brand, with 7,575 number plates, falls by 11.7% and Lexus, with 296, falls by 35.5%. Suzuki also dropped with -24.1% (2,625 units), Nissan with -24.7% (1,841), Mazda with -14.9% (806) and Mitsubishi with -71, 8% (93). Honda, on the other hand, rose by 25.3% thanks to 574 registrations and Subaru gained 3.9% (159). The Koreans were also negative: with 3,141 registrations, Hyundai fell by 9.6%, while the subsidiary Kia, with 3,147 units, fell by 1.3%.

Tesla in decline. Among the other brands in the premium segment, Volvo recorded 961 cars, losing 38.3%, while the Jaguar Land Rover group suffered a decline of 25.5%: registrations were 694, of which 128 for the Jaguar brand (- 26%) and 566 for the off-road brand (-25.4%). Negative performance also for Tesla (32 registrations and -42.9%, largely due to the exhaustion of incentives). On the other hand, Ferrari rose, + 36.2% with 64 deliveries, and Porsche, with 699 number plates and + 13.7%.

The other brands. The other brands present on the Italian market include the exploit of DR Motor which, with 1,458 registrations, recorded an increase in sales of 295%, surpassing various generalist brands in deliveries. Among the brands with cars of Chinese origin, Lynk & Co delivered 221 units, while the MG reached 266.

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