Formula 1 Ferrari F1-75, teaser with surprise

Never before has the wait to discover them like this year new Formula 1 single-seaters it was so palpable. At the moment, the only one to have shown something is Haas, while the other teams continue to entertain the fans on social networks with unlikely teasers that, in reality, do not reveal anything.

Ferrari feeds curiosity. Every year, in this period, there is a spasmodic hunt to get a preview of the new single-seaters and Ferrari certainly catalyses much of this curiosity. So much so that the communication department of the Cavallino has decided to joke a little about it, creating a small teaser published on the Scuderia’s social channels. The shapes of the car are those dictated by the 2022 regulation and anyone could believe that this was really a teaser of the new F1-75. However, the most attentive eye has not escaped a writing shaded on black: by lightening the image with any photo retouching program, the mystery is revealed and we can read clearly: “This is not our car 2022”. And to say that to satisfy the curiosity about the shapes of Ferrari’s new single-seater one could look better at the Haas VF-22, already nicknamed Ferrarina, as it shares the SuperFast power unit, gearbox and rear suspension with the F1-75.

General trolled. In internet jargon, trolling means making fun of someone (and not always, as in this case, for negative purposes). And Mercedes also became the protagonist of an episode similar to that of Ferrari, with an alleged teaser of the W13. Also in this case, when lightening the photo, a message appears on the steering wheel with the inscription: “Beautiful skills with Photoshop”. With such an important regulatory change, we will see very little even during the official presentations, as the teams’ goal is to maintain the absolute secrecy of their choices until the last useful moment.

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