Energy transition Salvini: “Before giving incentives to electricity, we need to think about the columns”

Just before the Minister for Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti (Northern League), on the sidelines of a meeting with representatives of the automotive sector, heralded the government’s intention to launch new incentives to encourage the spread of low-emission cars, electric first of all, Matteo Salvini, leader of the same party, stigmatized those who, according to him, have “an ideological approach to using the car”, without taking into account the fact that ” progress must be accompanied and helped without penalizing those who work in the sector “. Salvini went on to argue that “some penalizing initiatives have blocked the development of the sector”, adding that “it is right to look to the future, but before giving thousands of euros for electricity, we need to think about recharging columns”. The priorities, moreover, for the leader of the League, at this moment are other: “If in Italy we do not hurry to produce, extract and buy more gas, we risk leaving millions of families in the dark and cold and forcing the closing thousands of businesses “.

Diverging opinions. Therefore, the two souls of the League also emerge with regard to electric cars and related incentives, which the government did not want to renew with the budget law of 2022, causing an immediate drop in sales as early as January. That Salvini has no sympathy for battery-powered cars is not, however, unprecedented, at least according to his statements. Already in the spring of 2019, for example, in an event dedicated to dealers he had argued the need to develop, before paying contributions, the network of charging stations and to intervene rather on company cars, providing for the total, rather than partial, deductibility of the ‘VAT. And as recently as last December, the secretary of the League had criticized the push for green cars in a television broadcast, arguing that “it benefits China, which produces batteries with coal-fired power plants”.

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