Antonino Labate (Cupra) “Results higher than expectations four years ago”

The presentation of the new crew who will defend with Jutta Kleinschmidt and Nasser al-Attiyah the colors of Cupra in the 2022 season of Extreme E, the championship for full electric SUVs, also provided the opportunity to take stock of the state of health of the brand with Antonino Labate, who is the global director of Strategy, business development & operations. Labate, who among other things in the past took care of Abarth and Ducati in top-level roles, is today very satisfied with the results that the Volkswagen group brand is achieving, judged to be higher than the growth expectations formulated at its birth. , which took place only four years ago, both in terms of growth on the markets, starting with the Italian one, and in terms of recognition obtained by professionals and consumers. “The feedback we get from customers and dealers is all very positive,” explained Labate on the sidelines of the team presentation. “The brand’s like indicators are all growing: this makes us think we are on the right track with a brand that wants to export the spirit of Barcelona, ​​its city of origin, to the world, with activities that do not only concern cars, but that above all they try to involve the new generations “.

News coming soon. Labate reaffirmed its confidence in the transformation of the car industry implemented through the adoption of electric and hybrid technologies: the brand’s roadmap foresees the launch in 2024 of the Tavascan, of which the SUV engaged in the Extreme E championship anticipates some details, and in 2025 another important novelty, which will interpret the concept in a street key Cupra UrbanRebel, called to decline sports performance in an urban context. The brand, moreover, tries to appeal to a young audience, already succeeding with Formentor, “whose clientele”, Labate emphasizes, “has an average age of 43, compared to 55-56 that characterize its segment of reference “: the ambition is to create a community around the brand that has the Cupra City Garages as reference poles, meeting places, the most recent of which was opened in Lisbon (the others are, for now, in Hamburg, Munich , Mexico City and Milan, Corso Como).

The sense of sport. Cupra’s commitment to motorsport is placed in this context, both in the Extreme E, now faced with a crew with justified ambitions of final success, and in the Pure ETCR, the electric touring championship that the brand won last year. already in its first edition: “On 22 February”, Labate anticipated, “we will present a new vision linked to motorsport, which will allow us to investigate new territories in a world like that of competitions in which we feel completely at ease”. After all, from the races, “we get a lot of data and experiences which, transferred to road cars, allow us to achieve progress especially in the areas of setup and driveability, one of the strengths, together with acceleration, of electric cars”.

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