Alex Zanardi A new treatment cycle in Ravenna completed

Alex Zanardi he has completed a new cycle of treatments and “has an immense charge”. After statements from his wife Daniela, released in an interview last December, new encouraging news filtered through the account of the former driver: Corriere di Romagna reports them.

In spring another stage. Victim in June 2020 of a serious accident with his handbike and for some time engaged in a tiring and delicate rehabilitation process, Zanardi underwent physiotherapy at the hyperbaric center in Ravenna, completing the first session of the program, which the athlete it should finish in the next few months by returning to the facility for a second and shorter course of treatment. Treatments that, according to what was leaked, would have produced results.

The director of the center speaks. “I can say that Alessandro is certainly a person with an immense charge: he passed it on to me. He showed up with a great desire to work,” Pasquale Longobardi, director of the Ravenna hyperbaric center, told Corriere di Romagna, underlining how, in the end, the former rider spent “a busy month”, at the end of which he “understandably wanted to go home.” After the collision with a truck in the Siena area while driving his handbike, Zanardi reported serious injuries and was operated on several times on the head. After the initial hospitalization in Siena, he was transferred for rehabilitation in Lombardy, in the specialized clinic Villa Beretta (Lecco), then transferred to the San Raffaele in Milan (new intervention), then treated first in Padua and then in Ravenna. Longobardi also explained the specificity of the therapies carried out by the athlete in the Romagna facility: “Physiotherapy in a hyperbaric chamber is a more efficient medical procedure than normal bad physiotherapy: the patient is – the doctor specified – stimulated with a mixture of oxygen and helium while performing the exercises “.

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