Acea European market: “Growth will start again in 2022, but far from pre-Covid levels”

In 2022, ACEA expects a return to growth in registrations in the European Union markets, provided, however, that there is a stabilization of supplies of semiconductors. In particular, the association expects 10.5 million cars to be registered this year, 7.9% more than a 2021 heavily penalized from the chip crisis. However, demand will still remain far from the pre-covid levels of 2019: the decline is quantified at around 20%.

The appeal. Acea, on the day the European Commission presents the Chips Act, therefore urges the Brussels institutions to reduce Europe’s dependence on foreign semiconductor supplies to prevent the same problems from occurring in the future as last year. Furthermore, he reiterates for the umpteenth time the appeal to “significantly strengthen the proposal” on the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (Afir) to ensure adequate charging and refueling infrastructures to support the growth of the low-emission car market. In this regard, the manufacturers point out that theLast year electric vehicles continued to gain market share reaching almost 20% penetration.

Electric and columns. This is, says President Oliver Zipse, “very welcome news, but we cannot forget that it is still a rather fragile market, which strongly depends on support measures such as purchase incentives and, above all, on the widespread availability of charging infrastructures “. In this regard, ACEA underlines the delays in the dissemination of the columns. In the past five years, sales of electric cars have increased by more than 10 times, at four times the speed of public charging points, which grew by less than 2.5 times. “If this situation is not urgently addressed by introducing ambitious targets for all EU member states, we will very soon encounter an obstacle in our way,” concludes Zipse.

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