About Us

In today’s technology-oriented world we often have to make decisions about what devices to buy, why to buy them, and from where to buy them. Along with it also come the decisions about selling and repairing some old devices. And imagine how wonderful it would be if there could be one single platform to help you in making all of these decisions! Yes, SwipeTelecom does exactly this, we are the platform that you have been looking for for a long.

We have seen how users sometimes get overwhelmed by the unnecessary and lengthy information thrown at them by various websites. We wanted to counter this and bring to you only the crispest, neat, and useful information that would be of high utility and less time-consuming. 

Our team is innovating content creation and revolutionizing it in a never-before-seen manner. We are not only curating high-quality articles and publishing them but we are also producing videos, device guides, and audios related to the devices which can be used and consumed by the user at their own convenient time and through their own convenient medium.

Our team of experts works very hard to break down the content in a manner that even a five-year-old would understand. We aim to make content accessible to you through various sources and mediums enabling you to make your own informed decisions. We have some of the finest writers in the industry working with product experts who have deep knowledge about the technology and the devices that have become so crucial in our today’s life.


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