How to Make Your Tablet PC More Secure

Security of your Tablet PC’s has become a very crucial concern of today. The number of Tech Gadgets is increasing at a rapid pace due to which more and more people are getting accustomed to them. Tablet PC’s provides easy access to internet wherever and whenever you want to. Internet on the go has finally become a reality with today’s mobile technology. Whether you’re checking email at the coffee shop or taking a quick conference call at your home, Tablet PC’s make it easy to stay entertained and productive virtually anywhere life takes you. This makes your Tablet PC’s vulnerable to security threats. Due to increasing Tablet PC usage, it has become important to get them secured from any unwanted malware attacks.

To get the maximum benefits and for uninterrupted secure usage of your Tablet PC’s, below are the tips that can keep your Tablet PC’s secured:


1) Use 3G instead of Wi-Fi:

Wireless hotspots are often unsecured, leaving your information within the reach of anyone who is in the network range. Even encrypted Wi-Fi connections can make your data accessible to the other guests around you. 3G usage instead of wireless hotspots can keep your Tablet secured. This can prove to be a good solution to keep your device secured.


2) VPN offers a secure way to surf the internet:

Virtual Private Networks are available through many service providers. VPN offers a secure way to surf the web without compromising your sensitive data with the multiple layers of encryption it provides. A VPN may also include additional features, such as safe and convenient access. It is so safe that you can even transfer files between your home and work networks.


3) Choose the Websites you are browsing carefully:

If you are not using a VPN, it’s important to be cautious while surfing the Web using Wireless hotspots like Wi-Fi. Always use the websites with https addresses (rather than just http) because such addresses are properly encrypted to provide better Tablet security. Always use your email server with such an encryption. If you are carrying out the banking and shopping activities online make sure you use encrypted web addresses.


4) Use your Bluetooth Safely in the Public Areas:

It is very important to use your Bluetooth safely specially in public areas. Sharing your important data via Bluetooth in public areas can make your data susceptible to unwanted attacks. Always disable your Bluetooth and turn off your Wi-Fi whenever you are not using it. You can even switch your Bluetooth to hidden mode. Be cautious and careful while you are performing transitions on public network.


5)  Download Good Anti-virus Software Apps in your Tablet PC:

Viruses, malwares, and hacking are some issues that are increasing day by day and becoming an issue for mobile and tablets. To avoid all these issues you can download good anti-virus software for your Tablet PC. Majority of Anti-Virus Software Apps are available in the Google Play Store which can be installed in your Android Tablet PC’s that help in keeping your Tablet PC secured. You should consider installing the Best Security App for your Tablet PC’s to prevent it from unwanted attacks. Below are the links of the Security Apps:


6) Install Anti- theft Apps in your Tablet PC:

Due to busy and fast lifestyle one are more likely to misplace your Tablet PC.  But you can keep a simple track on your device and protect your data from theft with the help of Anti-Theft Security Apps in your Android Tablet PC’s which can be downloaded through Google Play Store.


7) Set Strong Password and Pattern to lock your Tablet PC’s:

It is important to set a strong password or pattern to lock your Tablet PC’s from getting hacked. Always lock your device for better security so that in case of losing your device, if someone tries to unlock your device, three numerous attempts to enter a password will automatically delete all the data on your phone and thus you can prevent your device from any kind of invasion.


8) Install the Apps from Official App Store: 

Download the Apps from Official App Store like Google Play Store to avoid any unwanted attacks. Installing Apps from third party sources can put your device at risk. Be sure to keep your apps updated. Anti-virus software Apps in your device help in scanning the apps that are getting installed in your devices which makes your Tablet secured.



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